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BBQ all day long.

Brentwood, CA

Mannheim Social Club

561 First St., Brentwood, CA
(925) 513.2300


Pizza Port Pint Night

On Feb 22, Pizza Port Brewery stopped by Mannheim Social Club for pint night. We met the makers of Pizza Port Brewing. Eat some BBQ chicken, tri-tip and pork ribs.
Play Trivia with smart people. Bring your own team of wise people and win FREE beer.

A former Pizza Port location in San Marcos spun out of Pizza Port in 2006 and is now an independent operation. It has received multiple awards, including “Small Brewpub of the Year” for both 2003 and 2004 by the Great American Beer Festival and six awards for its beers at the World Beer Cup.

It was fun. We tasted some of their beers, talked to the reps and shared some swag.